Thursday, September 1, 2011

Long awaited dinner

My son and his girlfriend came back for Hari raya break.
Due to tight schedule , couple with my own heavy commitment ,
they proposed to celebrate my forthcoming birthday last night.
Despite the fact that my birthday is still half month away.
I agreed to their good intention .

What a big crowd . Almost all seafood restaurants sold out by 9pm.
We had to switch from one shop to another because of the above

Finally we patronized one seafood shop. Before ordering some food, we were
Politely warned that the time frame to wait was about one hour.
As begger no chooser , we surrendered totally to the unfair practice .

One thing for sure, such brisk business only made the owners of
all the seafood restaurants laughing all the way to the bank today.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011




我们的国家可爱之处就是: 伸缩性很强,一切都可以妥协。




大家一起来大大声喊 :


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Water Filter

PureGen filter - how you find it?

My wife own way of protecting the brand new filter at least temporarily.

The dream of fitting reasonably priced water filter at home finally realised lately. So thankful to one of the brother-in-christ who helps to bargain a good pricing. In fact altogether we ordered 12
of them. We are cheaper by about Rm300. In short , do remember to purchase anything in bulk. We will exercise more bargaining power if we do that. Money saved can be channeled to other more meaningful areas.

My English Blog

All the while I am mainly paying attention to manderin (华语)blog. The thought of giving comments on English blog put me in fear. How about those English speaking people around to reciprocate giving comments while visiting my manderin blog.

Ha,ha! This is the reason for me setting up an English in order to cater the purpose I mentioned above. I may be the new bird,with all experiened blog around, very soon you will find a better and improved version of mine.

Lastly, I would like to welcome all of you out there to give comment on my blog . We live to share and be happy with things around.